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Since I have changed the focus of our Ascension and You program for November, I want to answer some of the love and relationship questions that we received for October’s Q & A and make some suggestions that would assist in creating the LOVE that we all want in life. 

In February 2013 I spent time in the hills of La Sainte Baume in Provence where Mary Magdalene is said to have lived after the crucifixion of Jesus. It was a most beautiful and transformational experience. I spent nine days walking in the snow and then sat in the café sipping a bowl of café-au-lait and talking with Mary.

I am now asking Mary Magdalene to answer these questions.

 Question: I am a loner, I've always been. As a child I was a weirdo... over sensitive, not understood by others. Today I know that my beliefs aren't stupid and that I am a crystal child but I'm still so lonely. Does my loneliness ever end? Do I have a chance for a relationship in this life?

As conditions change on planet Earth your true heart will be seen and yes, there is someone to come to you. You will teach together the way of truth that is through love, kindness, and compassion and you will stand together to forge a new way and to assist others. Be more of that energy of kindness and compassion to be aligned with the soul who is meant to be with you. (From Judy: I feel that if you found a way to express more of the love, kindness, and compassion that you hold so much of inside you then it would shift the energy and attract love to you.) 

KEY POINT: We all need to BE (deliberately cultivate) the energy that we want to receive from another person. 


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  • Cancel out loneliness and isolation...Focus on one karmic clearing track per day. (Note: Perscription links will only work if you are an Ascension Library member.)  
Clearing Loneliness - Isolation
 Clearing the pain of not being SEEN
 Build yourself up in LOVE


Question: I've been for a very long period of years single, isolated and when on the rare occasion I connect with someone and am attracted to someone it seems it can't or doesn't happen for whatever reason. Why the ongoing experience of either nothing, or being a witness to it but without actually having and enjoying? I am ready for the next chapter. I don’t want to continue like this.  
Question: This is a general question for any singles in the group looking for love. If we've been on our own, un-partnered for 10 years, can we still expect to meet and attract our true love/soulmate in a natural organic way? Or, should we give up our desire to find a wonderful partner & accept that we meant to be alone?  

You are not meant to do anything. To both of you, I say that you have made vows of chastity, hard work, and solitude and these decisions from past life now need to be set aside. You should focus on being the beautiful, feminine woman that you are, get the glint back in your eye, the swing in your step, and focus on having fun and BEING your authentic self, AS A HUMAN WOMAN. You want to attract a human partner and you deserve this now in your lives. Cast aside the bondage of other people’s viewpoints, other people’s expectations of who YOU ARE and set yourself free to express YOURSELF.  

KEY POINT: Life can change in an instant, on a dime, in a moment of time when we least expect it and when our ENERGY is ready. 


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Step 3

Question: I’m very concerned with the relationship challenges I’m going through. There’s been a lot of growth and healing and it seems like I’m talking to someone special, but it feels like he is holding it all back. We are being held back and I surrender but I don’t know what to do. Calling it off feels stupid because it’s special but I do want more of a proper relationship. 

You need to express your truth lovingly from your heart and speak of what is good about this person and then be quite specific, asking why he/she seems to hold back from committing or going deeper into the relationship with you. Once you know what the issue is you can take steps to address it and make the right decisions for yourself. There seems to be a sense of shyness or uncertainty coming from this person and this could be why there is a reticence and a feeling of pulling back. Authentically express your own feelings about this person, focussing on the good qualities and what you most enjoy in your relationship together. Take COURAGE to be authentic, but understanding and kind. Value YOURSELF. 


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For issues to do with speaking out, thyroid gland, aligning with divine will, trust and betrayal: 

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