I wrote these words as I was in Australia preparing for the Anchoring the Codes of Light three-day event, which was held at St Joseph’s Centre, Baulkham Hills Sydney, 13-16 October 2023...

Metaphysically the number 13 is a lucky number. It’s the number of awakening. You could say that this entire 72-hour event will be about AWAKENING US to a more expanded way of being as human people. It is the divine right time for this to occur because the years 2020-2033 are a powerful time of human species transformation.   

Spirit say this: 

You are dwellers on the threshold of a new way of being and becoming. 
You will be remade with LIGHT.


For the past three months I’ve been writing about the energy effects on body and mind of the WORD, and in particular, the energy words that are transmitted through the vehicle of my voice and telepathically through my mind from Divine Mind. Three years ago, in 2020, I was asked to transmit ANCHORING THE CODES OF LIGHT: 1-24, which took place in New Zealand. This energy was about redemption – clearing the slate of soul trauma that was taken into our soul’s energy template during lifetimes when the Earth was resonating in the fifth-dimensional frequencies of Tara, Mu (Lemuria) and Atlantis. Spirit designed the energy transmissions to prepare us for what is now to come forth. The final set of eight codes, 17-24 created a foundational platform at the level of the cells and DNA template to prepare us for this next step in what I feel is a three-part coding process, from 1-72.  (See 2020 Codes Information Below) 

In Australia, where I have been guided to transmit this next section of the codes, the indigenous Aboriginal people remember their ancient teachings and trails across the desert by memorizing ‘song lines’, songs that are sung while walking that anchor them into their ancestral memory and ‘dreamtime’ lineage line knowledge. 


The Codes of Light 25-48 are like song lines from higher dimensional Source creation, designed to ACTIVATE THE DREAM for humanity and will set in motion a tremendous energy wave of transformation for our human species upgrade and advancement. Knowledge from the Divine Mind is being coded into us through energy words that encompass LIGHT, SOUND, and VIBRATION. 


These words have an energy effect on body and mind that translates into physical and consciousness change. You will feel the energy as tingling, heat and vibration. (Read articles: The Energy of the Word, What is a Code of Light?

You see, human beings have not been able to fully express the true genetic potential of their original creation – until now.  The human species was genetically engineered by God/Source Creation with the best of the genetic attributes of 12 founding galactic races – Star Nations within this galaxy. 

These extraterrestrial Star Nations exist within 12 dimensions of reality – 12 vibratory energy environments of our Milky Way Galaxy where it is possible for the consciousness of the soul to incarnate into physical form.  The number 13, and the significance of my beginning these transmissions on the 13th of October, is that it is taking us beyond the Stargate of Lyra to the 13th aeon or dimension and beyond. We are souls remaining in our existing physical form, but that form, who we are as human people on all levels of body, mind, and spirit is transforming. 

This is what Ascension is, a God/Source driven process of human species upgrade, designed to switch on the true potential locked into our human DNA code.


Codes of Light are like keys, designed to unlock mysterious and hidden ‘rooms’ of knowledge and ability within us all that we have never as human beings previously been able to access.


As I prepare to come to Sydney, I believe that what is to come forth is LIGHT-LIFE DNA RECODING. One of my favorite resources for understanding what is happening to me with my work, which I have referenced over many years, is the book ‘The Keys of Enoch’ by Dr. J J Hurtak’. 

This is the definition of Light-Life from the Glossary at the back of this book: 


Light-Life: The encoding of knowledge for metamorphosis and unfoldment from the Eternal Eye into a ‘light envelope’ of form. The Extension of Eternal Light into the multiplicity of the Divine Self, experiencing even physical form.


We, as human beings are that ‘light envelope’ of form. The energy for our transformation and advancement is coming from Source/God/Infinite Creation. The Eye of God is the coding function of Divine Mind. 

I offer this next series of THE CODES OF LIGHT to you with love and heartfelt gratitude to that Infinite Source of ALL love and creation. It is my purpose and my joy to bring the Codes of Light 25-48 forward for all of us at this time. 


Blessings and light,




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  •  Friday night pre-dinner presentation by Judy Satori
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  • Additional teaching and mentoring sessions on a range of topics
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