In the video on this page, Judy introduces the energy attributes from the "I Am That I Am" template and previews some of the recordings that will feature on the Becoming Authentically YOU 7-week journey.

As transmitted to Judy Satori

From March 2022 a new type of energy frequency will be streaming to Earth. This is still from an energy spectrum called Ultralight, (see Spiritual Glossary), which I have been speaking about and transmitting in my work for several years, but this new Ultralight energy frequency will activate, transform and upgrade us as never before.

For many years, since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence, and especially from December 2012, there has been a continual outpouring of divine light onto the planet.  As human people living on this planet we are also channels or conduits for the energy, so we feel and experience the energy effects in our bodies.  Some people might not feel the energy at all, but everyone has the same ability as an energy conduit and karmic, past life energy distortion can block, or limit what we feel. 

In the past two years, 2020 and 2021, our physical selves and how we think about ourselves and the way we live and experience life; our dreams and desires and what we want to create, has been changing.  We have been adapting to a New Way of being, a new way of life.  It is not really the pandemic that is causing this shift in perception.  

This is just one outward manifestation of what is really an existential shift at very deep levels of our perception of self.  These changes in who we are as people and how we feel and experience life are called Ascension.

An ongoing Ascension process is affecting the planet and all life forms on the planet.

Ascension is a divinely designed evolutionary upgrade for humanity and Earth.


The new frequencies of Ultralight that are affecting all of us from March 2022 onwards, will ignite and inflame a massive shift in energy vibration within us as people, which just has to in turn affect how we think, feel and operate in the world. 

Rapidly changing real-world conditions will continue to impact many people with their accompanying challenges, but the process of Ascension change is ALSO a powerful opportunity for all of us to become AUTHENTICALLY MORE OF WHO WE REALLY ARE as timeless eternal souls, at this time having a human experience.   

The way that we can all prepare to optimize the positive transformations of the new Ultralight energy frequencies, which will activate powerful insights and expanded creativity, is to listen to the 21 audio recordings that Spirit guided me to pick from my Ascension Library, the Becoming Authentically YOU pathway (Find out more HERE)

These audio recordings have been arranged in a special energy pathway, an energetic "stairway to heaven", but that stairway to heaven is actually to be found within ourselves.  The 21 recordings arranged in an "I Am That I Am" hexagram (pictured below) will create a new branch of our human tree of life, as this arrangement relates to us becoming supercharged with new inspiration and able to express that inspiration with passion and expanded creativity. 

It is the divine right time to bring more of our true soul wisdom, soul light and expanded awareness into our human selves so that we might express it out for the good of all. 

The Becoming Authentically YOU pathway arranged in the "I Am That I Am" hexagram template in the Ascension Library is like a major jigsaw puzzle piece.  It is divinely designed to set in motion the next evolutionary upgrade process within us. 

The energy embedded in the 21 audio recordings of the pathway and the way that Spirit has guided me to configure and present these recordings in the Becoming Authentically YOU program is a key Ascension upgrade catalyst and activator.  This pathway will also align you better with your soul’s guidance; to be empowered to step forward and do what you have come to do BETTER, MORE EASILY and FASTER.  The days of clearing karma are over.  It is time for all of us to CREATE as the God beings that we truly are.  

Judy Satori

January 2022.

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Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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