✨ A Message from My Heart to Yours ~ Judy Satori ✨

There is no doubt that we are all living through very challenging times of change on planet Earth. The energies streaming to Earth can make us tired, irritated, and off-balance. You might feel there is too little time in the day to use the Ascension Library, constrained by a fixed monthly budget or have another issue we may be able to support you with.

I am reaching out to you personally to let you know about some new options you can read about on this page to support you to keep walk this evolutive journey with me.

This is the DIVINE RIGHT TIME for major advancement and the activation of our true human potential; we are set as people to go beyond our current version of who we are and to truly step into our Avatar human selves. 

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We will be sorry to see leave our community, but understand we all have our own path to walk. 

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It's worth having a quick chat with Juliet Herman, Community Support. She is experienced in answering all manner of questions and problem-solving members' concerns and difficulties.

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‚ú® We will be sorry to see you go! ‚ú®  

This is the most important time for these Ascension energy support tools and resources to be made available to people and we would love for you to stay within our global community.  

We would like to give you the support that you need to remain an Ascension library member as there is so much advancement coming for us all in the years ahead.

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The programs have helped thousands of people just like you

"My experience with Judy's Library is truly AMAZING... The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms and be in JOY almost every day!"

–Beata R.

"Your transmissions through the energy words are quite profound and I am very grateful.  You are an amazing, deeply loving woman and Being.”

–Christine H.

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude, love, and blessings for all the work that you do for Earth and Humanity and being able to receive the most beneficial information that you are so graciously making available to the world!"

–Magdalena C.

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