About The Series

Light-Life DNA Recoding is a series of channelled energy transmissions that are transmitted into the cells of the body and the DNA template.

These recordings are designed to shift humanity out of old physical and consciousness patterns and create a more evolved physical form.  

Light - Life DNA Recoding is a series of scheduled-release episodes, with episodes 1 through 6 available by the end of 2024, with the rest being released thereafter.

The effects of the program accumulate over time, so it's recommended to follow the episodes chronologically, starting from Episode 1 and progressing through each episode as instructed.


Judy Satori is not qualified to give medical advice. She is speaking from her own personal experience and insights, guided by Spirit. Consult your doctor if you have health issues and / or are on medication.

Light-Life DNA Recoding


  • Absolute physical transformation
  • Profound regeneration of health and bodily function
  • Protection against intense energetic influence
  • Emotional harmony and balance
  • Activating physical changes enabling the body to enter the next steps in the process of Ascension
  • A live teaching session with Judy Satori for each new release episode

Episode 1:

Etheric Body Upgrade

The Etheric Body is the first level of the body‚Äôs energy field. It is like a second energy ‚Äėskin‚Äô surrounding the body.

The purpose of Episode One is to create a greater energy reservoir within this level of the auric field that in Episode Four can be transposed into the body.

In this recording Judy discusses the function of the seven levels of the human energy field.

The Etheric Body is re-coded at the level of the light grid pattern for the physical body, the fifth Etheric Template level of the human energy field.

Episode Two:

Endocrine Gland Enhancement 


Episode Two of Light - Life DNA Recoding balances the endocrine system and supports the body’s metabolism to step up endocrine functioning to allow for physical upgrades, and regenerative change to occur in the body.

Episode Three: 

River of New Life

This episode is all about the body of the blood.

Hemoglobin molecules in the blood transport oxygen to all our organs, and the plasma delivers nutrients to all of the body’s cells from the food that we eat.

What‚Äôs not obvious is that the blood ‚Äď the veritable river of life ‚Äď is also involved on an energetic level.

The transmissions in this episode will work to upgrade every aspect of the blood and its ability to become a better energy conductor.

Episode Four:

Etheric Transposition

Episodes 1 through 3 have been all about preparing the physical body, and creating an energy reservoir on the first level of the body’s energy field, called Ethereum.

This sacred cycle of upgrades has prepared the physical body to be able to receive the energy of episode four’s transmissions, which will fill body, mind and soul with light and activate it throughout. 

Episode Five: 

Amplifying Metatronic Light

The Archangel Metatron has long been one of Judy‚Äôs guides and has always been one of the beings bringing source light, God light, down onto Earth and the other 12 so-called ‚Äėlower‚Äô heavenly dimensions.

Working with Metatron, Judy will be amplifying what’s been started in the first four Episodes of this program, strengthening and intensifying the energy.

Episode Six:

Radiate Beauty

After five intense episodes of expansion, growth, and amplification, Light-Life’s sixth instalment will be a moment to pause and take stock. With these gentle transmissions, we will be getting a chance to smooth the energy created and just radiate in what is.

Beauty, in this context, is not an expression of conventional ‚Äėbeauty standards‚Äô, but instead a state of profound harmony and radiating incredible life force.

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