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Energy is colour, vibration and light.
Colour is frequency, vibration and tone.
We are being washed more than ever with the multidimensional colour vibration in tones.

Can you hear the vibration, the energy, sometimes?
It is a very high vibrational pitch and sometimes I can even see it with my eyes. The light particles all around me. When I feel the tones, the vibration, my cells are humming inside of my body and it also feels like little tickles all over the inside of my body.
I invite you to notice if you might also be experiencing this.
Maybe, as I invite you to feel, you are noticing it too, but were not conscious of it before?
How exciting, isn't it? Are you noticing something? 

Earlier this month, I visited the spiritual community of Damanhur in Italy with Judy. It is also called the Temples of Humankind. Since then, I’ve been feeling like I am releasing the deepest/oldest of my karmic memories.
I remembered old wisdom. We all hold old soul wisdom, and I feel it is time to remember even more of your Soul’s-wisdom. 

By visiting places we are intuitively drawn to, it provides us the gift to remember and to reclaim something from deep within, which we thought was forgotten. 


Visiting Damanhur made me remember the jewellery I was making and selling at the flea market when I was 8 years old. It was sold immediately and I was often very surprised as a child, why people bought it all. I didn't believe in myself then and the path to changing that led me to the Ascension Library, or Judy, many years ago.

The jewellery I was making then as a small child reminds me today of the Selfica I saw in Damanhur. It is called the Spiritual Technology of the Third Millennium.
Something happened to me during the visit at Damanhur and also while sleeping in the rooms called “The Room of Humankind” with Judy, which is making more and more sense as more time passes.
I have known Judy for a very long time and the more I spend time with her, the more I feel the beginning of when I started my visit to Tara as a human being, planet Earth as it is called today, and knowing Judy, Essayenya then. It seems I recognize her tone, her frequency and colour and it gives me a deep feeling of connection and knowing.

After the trip, I had very deep sadness coming up due to the paintings and writings on the walls of the Temples of Humankind. It felt like I had forgotten where I came from. Seeing the different light languages from different places of our universe got a ball rolling inside of me. It triggered deeper knowing and wisdom, which is not yet in my consciousness, but I am remembering bits and pieces every now and then.
I even remember now how I would sing often under a table, hiding as a child. As I could sing very high tones, people were often surprised and so I did not want to be seen. I felt more comfortable being invisible, so I sat under a table.

After meeting up with Judy in Italy, I started feeling extremely lost, sad and without energy and motivation. Just tired. Not really knowing what to do next. 
I haven't been in such a space for a very long time. But I do know today that I was and I am releasing karmic patterns, as I was drawn to listen a lot to the Karmic Programs in the Library. I was listening to the tracks of letting go or detoxing of trauma, soul sadness, karmic relationship cords still being attached and so on.


I felt like I personally had to release all I was still holding on to unconsciously, that which was still humming away in my energy field without knowing what it all was or where it came from, but that I still had with me!


Even memories vibrating in my cells and meridian system needed to be released and neutralised. So I listened to these specific tracks a lot of times. Wanting to be freed, so that I can be lighter to walk in the multidimensional colour vibrational tones.
Could it be that because of the energy shift, the energy remembrance, I had changed my last sentence at the end of each article to Colourbeautyfullybing?
Could it be that in saying this, I am inviting you to do the same? Becoming that multidimensional Being vibrating in your colour tones and vibration on Earth?

After the visit in Italy, I also noticed that I started to call in the 144 dimensional worlds in the 22 diamond-shaped galaxies in my Ascension Expansion Calls.
Maybe you also understand the prayer of BEING now with a deeper sense of why Judy called in the 144 in her newest prayer?I was very surprised, as it just came out of my mouth and I did not understand the reason behind it then.

When giving the 1:1 Expansion Calls, I also noticed that for each person I was talking with, I had different voices, languages and tones. Sometimes just tones, like singing and often combined with the presents of the fire Dragon energy. Burning off the different layers my clients held within. Burning off the layers to free the heartspace, so that the person I was channelling this to would be freer to walk their truth and to be that authentic truthful human they are, which was hidden under the layers around their heart for protection.
I was very touched to see the magic happening through me and I am very grateful to see the outcomes, as sometimes I’ve felt stupid letting out some of the tones that come out of me during the calls. I am grateful for the feedback of my clients, as I just channel and I don’t know what is coming through.


Today I say, of course we have to be lighter, with no past karma, which is like muddy water.


Otherwise, it is much harder to bring the new energies through, into our human body. When we are lighter emotionally, and the emotions which are also in our cells aren’t making us vibrate more slowly, we can take the new frequency in and digest it more easily.
We are being invited by our higher self to become lighter, to be able to hold more light in our body, our soul house or ‘vehicle’. Our vehicle is the representation of our soul. Vibration from inside out is what shows the frequency we are holding, or which dimensional vibration we have risen to. In the higher heavenly worlds, we could feel each other through our specific tones, vibrations which we called then our personal signature. 

I went to Damanhur to remember, to reconnect with something in my former life. 
Reconnecting and reclaiming the other aspects of who I am.
Energy is colour, vibration and light.
Colour has frequency, vibration and tone.
We are being washed and blessed with the multidimensional colour vibration in tones.

This is part one of my story, as I understand it, seeing with my inner eye the events and links in my life even better now. Because it might get a bit confusing for you, I have been invited to split my story into three parts.
Remember, every life is like a painting, a puzzle, and when you are ready, you will see all the different links and why’s and puzzle pieces falling into place. Your multidimensional colours and tones on your painting are starting to shine harmoniously together.


I have come to the conclusion: “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions!”


I send you much joy, lightness and colourbeautyfullybeing.

Anabell Ariah / Ascension Expansion

Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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