I am sitting here in my hotel room in London, thinking that I will now write a story.

The last article I wrote like this too….not knowing what to write about and then it just happened. As you will read now in my story, we are currently being activated on multiple levels of your beingness. Some will see the multiple levels of magic taking place right no – this is called Alchemy. 


 This is Alchemy, on many levels, and it sparks all over your beingness. 


 Today, I want to tell you about how places and even food can activate past-life memories and help you release energies that no longer serve you. Reading my story now, it may be confusing to some, but for other it will not. It is sparking a flash of AHA! moments when you concentrate and just reading with an open heart. It is like putting a puzzle together.


Let’s get started.


I am getting more and more surprised with what I am not and who I am becoming.

I have entered a phase, a Beingness, a part of a new me, where I don't plan so much anymore. Thinking that I want to take control of myself or situations, but it is more like I am being controlled. It sounds funny I know, but something has shifted.


Spirit is in control and it feels like maybe even my guides, my team from my Origin, are there. Maybe that is called integrating the higher self?  


I feel less human sometimes, being guided by just trusting and letting life happen to me. I go more with the flow, trust more and see more clearly or feel things more easily. I understand better and feel it right then when I go through my clearing.

In every moment, I also feel that I am not alone, feeling looked after and being supported.

Some days are harder than others, but in the end, I understand everything much better and Spirit is always explaining to me why and what, if I ask.

Do you maybe feel the same?

Getting more into your heart-mind, heart-place, and thinking differently. I feel it is the connection between the mental-god mind and the god-hearts mind. Maybe we are even experiencing Alchemy on many levels when we listen regularly to the recordings of Judy Satori? Maybe The 90 Days of Alchemy challenge has also started the Alchemy process for you? 

This is what I feel for myself and am experiencing right now. On many many levels, I am shifting, understanding and watching the process of before and now, the after. Shifting in an instant, when we let it happen and actually take the time to let it happen, as it involves a certain process to create Alchemy.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to you too. I am no different than you. I have had a month of re-experiencing some of my old trauma feelings, sometimes memories and sometimes pictures of the past, even past lives.

Today in London, I was very much guided to walk through an area, I have never been before, but felt I had to walk, take in the energies and see what comes up. I felt a lot, not all mine, it was also my grandmother's past. 

I met Andrew and Shez in London, who are also in the Ascension Community of our Library. After our amazing breakfast in a wonderful Cafe near Gloucester Station in London, called “Fait Maison”, we went for a walk in Richmond Park.

Andrew suggested initially and we all agreed. We were all just letting us being guided somehow. So we started our tour for the day.


 There is a village close to Richmond Park, called “Petersham Village”. And again, I was reminded while walking that we all carry our family lines within us. I know in my case that I am stopping the past stuff, which happened to my family and many lines backward. I am setting a new beginning for myself and my two children, Yella and Tariq, and even changing the past for my grandmother and my mother.

Clearing the past for my whole line somehow and freeing the past, neutralising it, letting it go in my DNA.

Even today, my children hold my family line in them of course, my mother’s side and my father’s side, me included. I could see some directions repeating. Generations over generations. This again comes up in the recording of The 24 Codes of Light. Repetition happens only if we have not neutralised it. 

Right now, I am the creator, by seeing it and changing things or neutralising them. We all can do it, if we choose to. That is my choice, as I spoke it out loud, when I was 10 years old. I still remember it clearly today. I was with my brother and said to him: “Arwed, this family shit stops right here with me. It will not repeat in my lifetime anymore.”

Why? Because I put my hand up to be the one who will stop and neutralise all the repeating patterns in my family. I could also see and feel it at that age. Meaning that I do the neutralising for all of my family. That’s right, not just for myself but also for them as well. My children are my gift, my mirror in reflecting this to me. I am the Alchemist here right now, trying to dissolve the past with love and understanding.

Past is past and tomorrow is our new future to come. Let's create.


I was guided to travel to London, England this year, as my intuition told me. 


Reclaiming some past energies and remembering something, I heard inside. So I booked my ticket in January this year to travel to London in March.

I remembered that I lived in this country in many past lifetimes. Shez also reminded me of this, and after experiencing the feelings I had while walking through the city and Richmond park, I know that he was right.


It seems now, when I look back at all the different countries and places I have lived so far in my life, or even travelled to, that everything had its reason. Remembering, reclaiming, understanding. We hold memories and energies in different countries, and by travelling to these inner guided places, it puts our past in motion. Of course, we all have a different past, and even many different past lives, but some of us are remembering and reclaiming who they are right now, in this life.

Maybe this is the reason you are all drawn to Judy Satori and her recordings? I was and I am, and today I know they work, as I have the proof within myself. 


Like Judy also always says: “You are not the person you think you are, we are much more.”


Oh yes, and we are just starting to remember more and more of what lies in us and around us this year. The recording of The 24 Codes of Light activated much more and The Regeneration Alchemy created the spark of Alchemy, the Dragon magic of burning all the unnecessary layers away we were (and are) holding. Alchemy is happening right then, if we allow it. It does not take long to let go or shift. In an instant, magic can happen.

I am still in that phase of releasing, remembering and understanding. Yes, the Dragons are with me and I am reconnecting also with my own inner Dragon. Just two weeks ago, I was visited by the Dragons of Andromeda. Today, I understand better. I asked for help and support to understand better what is happening with me. So they came. I am very grateful to have come to London.

The other remarkable gift I remembered on this trip was that even food holds memories. It does it with me. I love to travel and try any kind of new food.


That morning, I had a dish from the Middle East and I loved it. Funnily, I saw on the wall of the Cafe, a nice sentence: “because every dish tells a story”. Maybe by starting to eat different kinds of food we are drawn to we are starting to reclaim much more of our past? 

Even the Sunday roast brought back some insights and memories. The English line I hold within and when I lived here some of my past lives. “Places and Food store memories of our past and even past lives”

As you can read here in my story, we are being activated on multiple levels of our being. I am getting more and more surprised, with what I am not and who I am becoming.




Thank you for reading my story.

This time, I came to reclaim my past in England, London, in the food I ate, the places I walked and the people I chose to do it with. I reclaimed, understood, dissolved, let go and neutralised with love.


Much love, light and colour to you.

Anabell Ariah / Ascension Expansion

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