Three years ago, in August 2020 when I started listening to the 24 codes of light, I got the call to travel to Kauai in Hawaii and heard inside that I had to stay for at least 4 weeks.

Now, as I am on Kauai Island at this moment in time, at the end of July 2023, and writing you part two of my story, I feel that this is finishing a circle for me. Remembering when I came down to Earth a long time ago as a multidimensional being. I was living on the Motherland called Mu, which Kauai was then a part of.

Reflecting back on my life so far, I have lived in many countries and I can see the connections between me and the different countries, and why I have had to return to them, particularly in this lifetime.


When we return to places/countries, by visiting and even living there, it is because we pick up some lost energies, memories, tools of that particular country; or vibrations of our past, of who we are now and who we were then, which we are ready to integrate again. We regain that which we left behind and are ready to fully integrate all these aspects of us. 


We are ready when the trip occurs and we step into that possibility, inviting miracles to ourselves.

So why am I on Kauai now? Today, I don't know the full story and can’t see the full picture just yet, but I trust and follow my intuition like I always do. 
I am in Hawaii. On Kauai island, the oldest island of Hawaii. A dream I have had since I was a teenager. I have a sense, I feel closer to myself and by being here I am understanding that I am ready to fully embrace the multidimensional aspects of who I am.

Timing. Let go of time. It does not exist. Our soul, our higher self, is guiding us all along. Our world, the Earth, is a 3D place, a black and white place, but out there, the world of the Beyond is colorful, endless, multidimensional with many colors.

Like the rainbow colors we always have around us, but only see and get reminded of when the sun shines and the rain is falling at the same time. You are like that too. A rainbow being/human walking on earth, looking for the bridge to connect with the Beyond. The multidimensional you, the colorful you. The you who holds all the wisdom, knowledge from all your times. Reconnecting with your biggest vibration, accepting it and feeling it.  Are you ready for that? Your love vibration and acceptance of who you are. Just Love?

After listening to Judy’s Live event of the “24 Codes of Light” in 2020, I started taking singing lessons right after I came back from my summer break that year. I felt that I needed to prepare my voice for something and that I needed to get more confidence to be singing again. After my Damanhur visit with Judy this year, 2023, I remembered what I shared with you in my July Emag story (Once Upon a Time, Part 1), – that I was singing often when I was a little girl, but sitting under the table to be invisible. 


Isn't it interesting, how all of a sudden we have memories coming back into our conscious mind? Does that happen to you too? Do you also sometimes see the puzzle pieces falling into place in your life?


Could it be that with our friendships, we are choosing a circle of friends from our former lifetimes? So we can meet again to neutralize our sometimes karmic relationships and maybe also to remember why we met? Meeting old soul friends who are there as a gift to remind us that we are not alone? Remembering the contract we made way back?

I have many more memories that are making me see all the links. It is like a spider web being linked wonderfully, carefully and strongly together. 
We, the humans, are waiting to be ready to get more of our DNA activated.
Isn't that Judy Satori's calling?
Isn't she doing it already? 
Aren't other teachers doing it out there right now as well? Can you see it?
Can you feel it happening to you when you listen to the recordings in the Ascension Library?
Trying to invite us to remember the bigger version of who we are?

Once upon a time, when I was called Mollia in a former lifetime, Essayenya (Judy’s past self and protagonist of her book Sunshine Before the Dawn) was my friend. Of course, it makes sense to use the weaving technique.  Judy describes in her book how Mollia, one of the wise women on Lyra, explained to Essayenya how to weave into the multidimensional DNA strand, the dream weaving technique for the new human. To create and to implement a certain possible outcome for future humans to be. Implementing that technique so that we can be better creators for those who are ready – whenever that might be. Understanding the matter from the human mental mind side of it, and feeling, and remembering how it works, from our soul side and the heart side of it.

The wise women of Lyra (the world of Mollia and Essayenya), used a special technique to round up the new Codes of Light to be woven into the new human on earth. 
Could it be that I wove a request code into the web/DNA, thousands and thousands of years ago, with the dream and the intent, that we could remember all of this one day?
That every soul could remember ONCE UPON A TIME where their life began?

It seems like this year is the time I once visualized. The time to remember, time to reclaim all our different aspects, the soul wisdom we hold. 
Time to be all that we can be/were and are, and more.
We are all multidimensional beings and hold an angelic part in us. Every single soul on this planet is that special. Time to remember and love yourself fully and accept the grandness of your soul being, your Soul-Beauty, your endless love of self.
My name is Anabell Ariah, an Expansion Change Agent from Beyond, who had to wait that long to reconnect to who I am and was and will be, as that is my mission, my purpose this time around.

I still have plenty of time left to understand the fuller, bigger growing picture, called our future, but I can continue creating it in the meantime. Dream it into being, with my thoughts, which I call even today, dream weaving. A new tomorrow, because we are the new human and what we hold has never existed before. We are human in the 3D world but becoming Multidimensional humans within a wider dimensional world.
When the time is right, my own DNA will be activated a wee bit more each time, so I evolve more and more. I personally take one step at a time and follow my inner call.

I would like to invite you to do the same.
Enjoy your ride in the meantime.

Everything happens for a good and bigger reason. Sometimes it takes a long time to understand, but we will, when we are ready. Our God within knows and we are always looked after and never alone. I hope you can feel that too.


Like when I went to Damanhur this year in May, I had been listening to “The 24 Codes of Light” from Judy’s recordings since 2020, and again when I started “The 90-Day-Challenge” at the beginning of this year.
Then, I did not understand why I had the inner call to present that idea and travel to Damanhur, or implement the “90-Day-Challenge” in the Ascension Library and create a time to travel to Kauai, Hawaii.
Today, I am a bit closer to understanding the weaving technique in our DNA and trusting in the universe even more, trusting in the eternal life experiences we hold.

Perfect timing then that three years later I am on the motherland Mu, called Kauai today.
All is always good and all is how it should be. Always in the perfect timing, no matter how young we are.
Trust and have faith.


“The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions!”

“Changes are as good as a holiday, as they create a fresh breeze for the stuckness of our own beingness.”

I am sending you much joy, lightness and colourbeautyfullybeing.

 Anabell Ariah / Expansion Change Agent from Beyond


Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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